It is 2017 and everyone feels that no real connections are created between Greek Startupers, Greek Wanna-be Startupers, Greek Funds, Greek Journalists and everyone else that wants to help or get involved in the Greek Startup ecosystem. We all feel that we need to attend Startup events but rarely are any good and rarely happen (Especially on smaller towns).
Greek Startups Forum is about connecting the (so fragmented) Greek ecosystem. 
This isn't a substitude for physical events but a complimentary for those days that aren't any
Ultimately the goal is everyone in this ecosystem to be released from any impedements that hold her back so that we can build stronger businesses in the global scene. Only by being together we can achieve that.
Our values so far:
Rules of Conduct:
"The fighter Frank Shamrock says that we all need the +, -, =. Each fighter, to become great, he said, needs to have someone better that they can learn from, someone lesser who they can teach, and someone equal that they may challenge themselves against." (From Ryan Holiday's Blog)
 We hope you find all three in here!
So, Let's Talk!